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Your pets like to know what's going on.

Yes Spring! Maybe it is time to make the move we have been planning for so long, even your pets start to get a spring in their step as the warmer days approach.

IIf you are thinking of getting on the move, heading to a different climate, changing jobs, travelling, any sort of adventure you can think of it often can take Spring to spring us into action.

Now, before you rush into selling your home, call me, I can help with the process, it is always a good idea to have a professional on your side, as this can make a difference to the outcome.

Tell me your plans, I am interested to hear about them, as well as your goals, your property, and your wish list for the future. Working together can help achieve the highest and best price in today's market.

I am here to answer key questions like:

What's my property worth?

How long will it take to sell?

What re the changeover costs?

How will you market our home?

To ensure you get maximum benefit from our time together we will cover all the above questions, and no doubt much more as well. Call me Nola, today 0412 907 002

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