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What a wonderful word - meaning : the action of delaying or postponing something.

When considering selling your home - procrastination looms large.

Do we repaint, change the garden, remove the old shed, use a stylist, where is our Title,

do we need a survey, do we fix the fence, what do we do with the pets, remember the sticking door, kids swing set, the cubby house, the chickens, your mum, your dad,

what if we haven't purchased, how will we move, when do we move, who will move us, what should we do before the first open, how do we choose an agent, what questions should we ask. No wonder PROCRASTINATION looms large.

Suggestion - Write down, all your thoughts and questions, in any order they come to mind, it may make a big list, but it will help with the process.

NEXT- phone me ASAP book a time for all of us to sit down and go through your list, between us we can arrive at a plan, a process, and get the wheels in motion - no more procrastination.

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