Often people are emotionally attached to their property.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

For most people, a home is not just a belonging, it is a place you associate with family, security, happiness and comfort. This is why a growing body of research says selling a home can be one of the most anxiety-prone events of your lifetime.

Depending on your circumstances, there may be different reasons for your bond but here are the most common:

You most likely created childhood memories there

Homes are the backdrop for our lives. You spend many happy hours there, growing up and spending time with family and friends. These moments are an important piece of your identity and leave you feeling connected to where they happened.

It has become your family history

In some cases, a property has been handed down through generations or has played a major role in family connections. Therefore, some people struggle to let go and can feel like they are losing a family member.

It is where you celebrated milestones

Celebrations at home are a big part of life including birthdays, barbecues, engagement parties and even the occasional backyard wedding. We regularly reminisce about these special occasions with the house or apartment playing a prominent role in the memory.

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