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Having confidence

Sometimes you have to back yourself, especially when having to deal with the overload of information in the media, from your friends, in your mind, to just do what will achieve the outcome you are looking for. Certainly, weigh up the pros and cons, do your due diligence, then proceed.

Yes, sometimes the decisions are momentous, especially to you, and that's fine it is your decision to make your own decisions. That's 3 decisions in 2 lines, well I guess you are getting the drift, if not still confused about your decision.

My recommendation, when facing a decision-making situation is to firstly gather all the facts, maybe prepare a 'what if' list; "what if I do - what if I don't".

Lists are not my strength, but I can say that every time I have started one it helps just that little bit more to see the situation clearly, and then I lose the list, but it does help to get started.

If you are still struggling with making the 'right' decision, don't be afraid to run your thoughts by a friend, family, work colleague, preferably someone who will not be impacted by the outcome, but may be able to shed some light on the situation by coming from a different point of view.

And guess what!

When you have made that decision, the whole world seems brighter.

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